Pre-Conference Reception

CUNY Graduate Center’s PhD Program in Linguistics is pleased to host an informal pre-conference reception for participants in CUNY-2012.  The conference registration desk will be open during that reception.

DATE Tuesday, March 13, 2012
TIME 5:00 through 8:00 PM
VENUE Linguistics Lounge (Room 7400, seventh floor)
CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue (between 34th and 35th Streets)
New York NY 10016

This informal reception offers an opportunity for those participants who arrive early to meet up with friends and colleagues, and at the same time, pick up their conference registration packages.

 Avoid the morning rush-hour; it’s the New York thing to do!

Alert for first-time visitors to CUNY Graduate Center: The building has security requirements for entry.  Such are the times.  On arrival, all visitors must sign in at the security desk located in the ground-floor lobby, showing some form of photo ID, e.g., student or faculty card, driver’s license, passport.  CUNY-2012 student volunteers will be on duty in the lobby, 5:00 through 7:30 PM, to expedite this process and to direct participants to the elevator bank.  Take any elevator to the seventh floor, where signs provide directions to the Linguistics Lounge.

Once a participant has completed registration for CUNY-2012, the conference name-badge suffices for subsequent entries to the building.



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