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Hotel Information

There is no designated conference hotel because of the way the New York market works; hotels will cut deals for the Westminster Kennel Club but not for small fry like us. This doesn’t matter, though, because more than 60 hotels are to be found that are convenient to the conference venue.  One boutique hotel is right next door!  They vary greatly in quality (amenities, glitziness) and correspondingly in price — the range covers everything from ~USD40/night dormitory-style lodgings to ~USD400/night for a suite in a 4- or 5-star hotel. The one constant is that rooms tend to be small.  But then, even the grocery aisles and shopping carts are small in Manhattan!

The very best way to find accommodation that suits your budget and taste is to use the search tools at internet sites like Orbitz, Expedia, and Travelocity (or at sites like,, and so on).  Many such sites allow searches by address or point of interest (or “attraction”), and the search results can be sorted by distance as well as by rated quality.  You may find the following local information helpful:

VENUE ADDRESS       365 5th Avenue New York NY 10016

INTERSECTION          5th Avenue, 34th Street

ATTRACTION            Empire State Building (diagonally opposite CUNY)

It may also help to know that the neighborhood in which CUNY Graduate Center is located is often identified as Murray Hill (or sometimes, Murray Hill/Union Square or Midtown South).  The neighborhood called Times Square/Broadway (or sometimes, Midtown) is not far afield, and is a magnet for tourism; nearby Chelsea also offers its own interests.  There’s lots to choose from!

Finally, you should remember that from a New Yorker’s perspective, anything within 0.5 miles counts as easy walking distance.  If your hotel is further afield, it can be convenient to use the subway to get to the Graduate Center.  Different subway lines have 34th Street stops on Park Avenue as well as on Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Avenues.