Paper Guidelines

Each peer-reviewed paper presentation has been assigned a 30-minute slot, which will be tightly timed by your session’s chair. Plan for a 20-minute presentation followed by 10 minutes of discussion.  (Talk slots for invited speakers are 45 minutes, splitting up as 30+15.)

  • The podium will be equipped with a computer connected to the auditorium’s data projector. We will also available have an ELMO document camera, a slide projector, an overhead projector, and a large blackboard (plus chalks). Please let us know, no later than February 29, if your presentation requires other arrangements.  We will do our best to have your requests accommodated.
  • If you plan to use the data projector, we strongly recommend you use the podium’s computer.  This is the preferred option if your slides include sound.  Outside the auditorium, we will have a computer set-up exactly like the one at the podium, for you to pre-test your presentation.  The computer is a dual boot Macbook running Office 2007 on the XP side and Office 2008 on the Mac side; click here for more details on the operating system and software available on the machine.
  • If you prefer to use your own laptop, you should connect your equipment to the video switch box during the break preceding your session.  If your laptop is a Mac, please remember to bring the VGA adapter that will work with your system.  iPads may work with the system, but cannot be guaranteed, and in any case require the use of Keynote for the presentation (which must be pre-installed on your iPad).
  • For readability, lettering on your slides should be at least 20-point bold (or equivalently, letter height 5 mm, 3/16 inch). This is important, since the auditorium is large: it seats some 400 people.
  • The podium will be equipped with a mounted microphone as well as a wireless Lavalier microphone.
  • Two microphones set up on stands in the aisles of the auditorium will allow audience members to raise questions during the discussion period.
  • Assistants at the conference will distribute any handouts at the beginning of every session.  When you register, please let the organizers know if you will be using a handout.  Note that the conference will have no copying facilities on-site; it is an author’s responsibility to provide sufficient copies.  There are copying services close to CUNY Graduate Center, including the following:

Fedex Office

191 Madison Avenue (between 34th and 35th Streets)
phone: 212-685-3449; fax: 212-685-3831

Staples (Copy & Print)

16 East 34th Street (between Fifth and Madison Avenues)
phone: 212-583-8009, ext 23; fax: 212-683-8019

General Advice about your Presentation

In preparing your presentation, we suggest you adhere to the following:
  • Remember to bundle into your PowerPoint file any linked files, as well as any non-standard fonts and/or fonts with non-standard characters, if you want to avoid an unhappy mid-presentation surprise. For fonts and characters, this is done by selecting the “Embed True Type” option when saving the PowerPoint file.  The procedure for embedding linked files varies based on the version of the software.
  • We cannot guarantee speedy or reliable access to the Internet from the podium computer.  We recommend you use “offline” files during presentations, and contemplate Internet-based presentations only as a back-up.
  • All presenters who plan to use the data projector for their presentation are strongly urged to test their files well prior to the session. Should some glitch arise to delay the start of your paper, reflecting something other than a wholesale failure of the in-house system, the time to remedy the problem can only come from your allotted talk time.  An AV technician will be on call from 7:00 a.m. each day of the conference, and can be brought in to resolve any difficulties you encounter.

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