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Conference registration fees (US dollars)
Note: One-day registration is not available

For CUNY Graduate Center linguists:  Please refer to messages broadcast from the Linguistics General Office.  Members of the home team register by sending a message to

(before Feb 22) (after Feb 21)
Undergraduate students; graduate students
$100 $150
Post-doctoral fellows; faculty; independent researchers
$200 $250
Corporate (also Grant-Supported and  Institutional)
Individual fees do not cover the costs of the conference.  Please register at the corporate rate if your grant or institution covers your costs.
$300 $350

Preferred registration method: Online

Online registration is now closed.

Alternative method: Mail a check

Mail a check in US dollars, made payable to “CUNY Graduate Center (Sentence Processing Conference),” to the address shown below:

Professor Dianne Bradley (CUNY-2012)
Graduate Program in Linguistics
CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10016-4309

Please include the following information, preferably typed:

Registration Category (Student, Non-Student, Corporate)
First and Last Name
Institutional Affiliation
Email Address

We accept personal or institutional checks, and American Express Travelers Cheques. Some institutions require CUNY Graduate Center’s Federal ID# to issue checks for registration payments; that number is 13 389 3536. We cannot accept money orders. To qualify for the discounted early registration rates, your mailed registration must be postmarked no later than February 21, 2012. We will acknowledge registrations remitted by surface mail as we receive them, but do please be patient: the US Postal Service and CUNY’s mailroom sometimes operate at relatively slow speed.

Pay on-site

Late registration rates apply. Registration payment via credit card will be available at the registration desk.  We also accept direct payment in US dollars with a personal or institutional check, an American Express Travelers Cheque, or cash. (For the latter, note that a branch of Chase Bank offering ATM facilities is located at the south-east corner of Fifth Avenue and 34th Street, cf. CUNY Graduate Center at the north-east corner.)  We cannot accept money orders.

For any problem with registration, please email

Refunds will incur a 15% handling fee.